Amazing Enterprise, LLC.

Houston, Texas

Saladmaster is in the business of making life better. For decades, we’ve offered the world premium cookware that inspires better cooking, healthier living and all kinds of delicious opportunities. If you have a passion for perfectly cooked cauliflower and a kitchen that’s typically crowded with family and friends, we can stir up more of what you love.

Jenica Policarpio, Vice President/COO | (281) 494-2240 | jenica@amazingenterprisellc.com | www.amazingenterprisellc.com
Level: Small Business to 1M
Industry: Food
Greater Houston Region Member since 11/2017

Amazing Enterprise, LLC


The Best of Filipiniana Restaurant

9671 Bissonnet
Houston, Texas 77036

Serving Filipino Cuisine in the Houston area.

(713) 272-8888 | www.filipinianaagain.vpweb.com
Level: Individual
Industry: Restaurant
Greater Houston Region Member since 04/2008




Clemente, Jay – Realty World Uptown

6807 Housman Street
Houston, Texas 77055

Real estate is second nature to me. I love what I do and it shows. I was born in the real estate world, my father has been a floor manager for a government agency back in the Philippines and he specialized in foreclosures. So I have been around the business all my life. My grandfather was one of the longest elected public official of the Philippines and has helped massive amount of people throughout his tenure. I have been brought up with the sincerest public figures in my lifetime and I am determined to leave my mark to help people, one family at a time.

Jay Clemente | (713) 261-3111 | ClementeProperties@gmail.com | www.JaySoldIt.com
Level: Individual
Industry: Real Estate
Greater Houston Region Member since 01/2018

Realty World Uptown


DataLogix Texas

Lantana, Texas

DataLogix Texas is one of the fastest-growing providers of topnotch and high-caliber manpower solutions to the telecommunications industry in the United States andoverseas. We have earned the respect and trust of some of the industry’s largest and most successful companies by offering the services of highly-skilled and “best-in-the-field” engineering professionals.

(940) 728-0152 office | (940) 725-0798 fax | info@datalogixtexas.com | www.datalogixtexas.com

Level: Corporate Partner
Industry: Telecommunications
Greater Dallas Region Member since 03/2008



DMI Marketing

Houston, Texas


Greg Dearwater | 17dec85@gmail.com

Level: Individual
Industry: Marketing
Greater Houston Region Member since 03/2008





FilCAmrica Trading Services

6206 Brook Cove
Rosharon, Texas 77583

Wholesaler and Service Works

Dhoalet Fontanilla | (281) 988-8150 | admin@filcamrica.com | www.filcamrica.com
Level: Individual
Industry: Wholesaler
Greater Houston Region Member since 04/2017


Filipino Cuisine

10950 Bissonnet St.
Houston, Texas 77099

Authentic Filipino food at its finest.

(281) 988-8150 | info@myfilipinocuisine.com | www.myfilipinocuisine.com
Level: Individual
Industry: Restaurant
Greater Houston Region Member since 08/2014



Flores Continental Financial Consultants

1455 Lakeside Estates Drive, Suite 1209
Houston, Texas 77042

Flores Continental Financial Consultants (FCFC) started with a classic American dream in 2008 inside the mind of a young professional. After years of experience, the American dream became a Customer’s Dream. Since the first time when FCFC helped to create a business, prepared a tax return and do an insurance consulting, the world has changed dramatically. Beside of starting in the middle of the American recession, the challenging business arena during the first years of existence became the best university for our company; so, our company responded with several legal, business, and technological adaptations. Thanks to that, FCFC’s leadership was able to keep the company alive, and made FCFC to grow in clientele, expand to other states and add key consulting services to the firm. In 2013 the company added IRS Audit representation, international business consultancy and accounting services. Moreover, during the whole time our company aimed to build excellent connections with different business networks locally and abroad. Today, our dedicated team of professional consultants helps individuals and businesses to improve their financials. We have operations in the states of Maryland, Virginia and Texas and in the countries of Mexico and Peru, and our business networks include attorneys, bankers, commodity traders, CPAs, engineers, diplomats, insurance agents, foreign investors, marketing professionals, realtors, tech experts and web developers.

Cesar Flores | (301) 633-9732 | cesar.o.flores@florescfc.com | www.florescfc.com
Level: Individual
Industry: Financial Services
Greater Houston Region Member since 09/2017

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Freedom Cargo Umac

4003 Cypress Creek Parkway
Houston, Tx 77068

Freedom Cargo is commited in making Filipinos overseas become closer to their families back in the only place we all call home…. the Philippines

Joel Bamba | (281) 586-8283 office |mjbamba_2@yahoo.com | https://www.facebook.com/FreedomCargo/
Level: Individual
Industry: Cargo & Freight
Greater Houston Region Member since 08/2014


Annabelle Gabad

Healthcare Professional

Level: Individual
Industry: Healthcare
Greater Houston Region Member since 04/2017


Godo’s Bakery & Restaurant

7235 Fannin Street
Houston, Texas 77030

Serving Filipino Cuisine in the Houston area.

(713) 797-0670
Level: Individual
Industry: Restaurant
Greater Houston Region Member since 08/2014



Guinhawa Photography

Richmond, Texas

Specializing in lifestyle photography in portraiture and events in Houston, Sugar Land, Richmond, Rosenberg and nationwide.

Rick Guinhawa | info@guinhawaphotography.com | www.guinhawaphotography.com
Level: Individual
Industry: Photography
Greater Houston Region Member since 03/2010

Guinhawa Photography logo


Hans-Christian Realty & Associates

9525 Bissonnet St., Suite 226
Houston TX 77036-8028

Hans-Christian Realty & Assoc., is a Texas real estate firm, located at 9525 Bissonnet St Ste 226, Houston, TX 77036. Hans-Christian Realty & Assoc. provides a wide-range of real estate services. Consumers continue to find value in having a real estate professional help them through the home buying and selling process. The wide variety of services real estate professionals provide are proving ever more valuable in real estate transactions(financing twists and sales contract intricacies). Please view Hans-Christian Realty & Assoc. current listings or sold listings. Recently serving clients in areas Brays Oaks, Pearland.

Buyers and sellers give high marks to real estate agents for the expertise and professionalism they bring to the real estate transaction. Hans-Christian Realty & Assoc. has multi-lingual agents: Hiligaynon, Spanish, Tagalog. Hans-Christian Realty & Assoc. has multi-culture agents: Philippines.

Ed T. Sulit, Broker-Realtor | (713) 398-9321 office | ed@edTsulit.com | www.har.com/edtsulit
Level: Individual
Industry: Real Estate
Greater Houston Region Member since 10/2016


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Attorney Gary ILAGAN

6588 Corporate Drive, Suite 300
Houston TX 77036

Gary is an immigration attorney with more than 20 years of experience working on employment-based and family-based immigration matters, I-9 compliance and government audits, as well as Naturalization/U.S. Citizenship cases. He provides innovative immigration solutions to companies and their employees in the oil and gas, engineering, healthcare, biomedical research, media, information technology, telecommunications, education, industrial services and manufacturing industries.

Best Law Firm Lawyer of the Year Logo Board Certified

(713) 772-2300 office | (713) 772-2301 fax | gilagan@fonglegal.com | www.fonglegal.com
Level: Individual
Industry: Professional Services
Greater Houston Region Member since 03/2008

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InvestCORE dba CORE Realty

4655 Sweetwater Blvd., Suite 100
Sugar Land, Texas 77479

CORE Realty has brought together a team of professionals with decades of experience in the real estate, banking & finance industry.

Our team provides a wide range of expertise in many areas that will provide a competitive advantage in market research, contract negotiation, acquisition and developing profitable real estate projects.

(281) 494-0000 office | (281) 313-0002 fax | info@corerealtytx.com | www.corerealtytx.com
Level: Individual
Industry: Real Estate
Greater Houston Region Member since 03/2008

CORE Realty logo


Jambeto’s Bakery and Cafe

609 Dulles Ave., Suite 750
Stafford, Texas 77477

Jambeto’s Bakery & Cafe is a family owned establishment offering the first of fine Filipino cuisine and baked goods to the Fort Bend area. Many traditional Filipino recipes were handed down from Lola Dorotea and Lola Ising, family matriarchs, and placed in care of chef and owner, Vic Villanueva, and homegrown entrepreneur, Tita Villanueva (Dorotea’s daughter).

(281) 201-2477 | jambetos@gmail.com | www.jambetos.com
Level: Individual
Industry: Restaurant
Greater Houston Region Member since 11/2013


Jollibee, Honeybee Foods Corp. dba

8001 S. Main St.,
Houston, TX 77025

Spreading Langhap Sarap Goodness
Across the USA

(713) 664-8914 | www.jollibeeusa.com
Level: Corporate to $5M
Industry: Restaurant
Greater Houston Region Member since 03/2013

Jollibee logo

Joy’s Boutique

7235 Fannin Street
Houston, Texas 77030

South Sea Pearls & Custom Made Jewelry

Joy Hernandez | (832) 419-3945 | jocelyn449@att.net
Level: Individual
Industry: Clothing & Jewelry
Greater Houston Region Member since 02/2015



Juguilon & Associates

2656 S. Loop West, Suite 265
Houston, Texas 77054

Exclusive Agency Owner, Allstate Insurance

Personal Financial Representative, Allstate Financial Services

Jun Juguilon, LUTCF | (713) 244-5985 office | (832) 865-2974 cell | (832) 634-6631 fax  | ujuguilonjr@allstate.comhttps://agents.allstate.com/jun-juguilon-houston-tx.html
Level: Individual
Industry: Property and Casualty/Financial Services
Greater Houston Region Member since 08/2014

Allstate Insurance Logo








Melany Mariano – Transamerica World Financial Group

Personal Financial Representative

Melany Mariano | (713) 397-5379 office | melanysmariano@gmail.com
Level: Individual
Industry: Financial Services
Greater Houston Region Member since 07/2017








PLDT United States

330 N. Brand Blvd., Suite 860
Glendale, CA 91203

Established in December 2000, PLDT US offers optimum business solutions to enterprise customers (multinational companies, service entities, and other organizations) and channel partners in need of international and domestic connectivity and other telecommunications services to/from and within the Philippines. Currently, PLDT US supports the growing Call Center and BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) industries in the Philippines by providing premium, reliable and diverse international and domestic connectivity and superior voice transport services required by most call centers and BPOs. In partnership with PLDT Manila, PLDT US delivers the required connectivity of customers and channel partners from any point in the Philippines and to any point in the US. PLDT US has Points of Presence (POPs) in Los Angeles and San Jose California, USA.

Fernando Grant, Global Account Manager | (832) 492-7861 mobile | www.pldtus.com
Level: Corporate Partner
Industry: Telecommunications
Greater Houston Region Member since 09/2017


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Pinoy Fast Food

8388 W. Sam Houston Pkwy S, Suite 133
Houston, Texas 77072

Standard counter-serve spot in a food court turning out an array of traditional Filipino eats.

(281) 988-6164
Level: Individual
Industry: Restaurant
Greater Houston Region Member since 02/2015







Regent Forex Texas, Inc.

13223 Bellaire Blvd.
Houston, Texas 77083

We are Forex

Founded in 1983, Forex was started by Jaime M. Carino based on a commitment to reliable and customer-centric delivery of goods to the Philippines via “Balikbayan” boxes.  Over 30 years later, our shipment offerings and geographic reach continue to expand but our high level of customer service remains as our utmost commitment.

Judy Tan or Errol Cortez | (281) 495-8899 office | (866) 367-3989 | forextx@gmail.com | www.forexcargo.us/forex-texas/
Level: Individual
Industry: Cargo & Freight
Greater Houston Region Member since 02/2014

Regent Forex Logo

Marilyn Rogers


Level: Individual
Greater Houston Region Member since 04/2017


Station Houston

1301 Fannin St., Suite 2440
Houston, Texas 77002

We know that startups succeed if they have access to experienced mentors, an active support network, diverse talent, and practical education. At Station, we connect you with all this and more: Industry experts, seasoned entrepreneurs, an experienced and knowledgeable team, insightful programs, and a creative work environment that fosters connection and collaboration. Join us!

Grace Rodriguez | (281) 393-0500 office | info@stationhouston.com | www.stationhouston.com

Level: Individual
Industry: Consulting
Greater Houston Region Member since 03/2008

Station Houston Logo



Margarita Truong


Level: Individual
Greater Houston Region Member since 07/2017






Maya Vasquez – Fairway Independent Mortgage Corp.

3311 Richmond Avenue, Suite 329
Houston, Texas 77098

Maya Vasquez brings years of experience as a Mortgage Loan Officer from the New York City area, where she first began her career in home lending in 2003 and serving the Filipino Community. She is dedicated to excellent customer service, commitment to finding the best loan products, and to help others become homeowners. Maya speaks fluent Tagalog and Cebuano as well.

Fairway Mortgage is ranked #9 out of the top 100 mortgage companies in America by Mortgage Executive Magazine. Mortgage Executive Magazine had a volume of $17.6 billion in 2017. Fairway offers Mortgage Options such as FHA, VA and Conventional loans• Loans for First-Time Homebuyers • Down Payment Assistance Programs• Zero down payment options with Rural Housing Program (USDA)• Jumbo Financing• Refinancing Options • Fixed and Adjustable-Rate mortgages (ARMs).

Maya Vasquez | (713) 344-9295 office | maya.vasquez@fairwaymc.com | www.mayavasquez.com
Level: Individual
Industry: Mortgage Financing
Greater Houston Region Member since 02/2018

Fairway Mortgage Logo


Vez Realty

16850 Saturn Lane, Suite 100
Houston, Texas 77058

Whether you are buying or selling a property or just want to know what’s available or what your options are, then you have come to the right place.

The Vision: To create a higher level of professionalism in the Real Estate Industry dedicated to helping home buyers and sellers accomplish their goals and allowing them to attain a satisfactory conclusion to the purchase or sale of their real estate.

The Plan: To provide superior service to buyers and sellers, taking time to listen to their needs, giving what they seek, and assist them in producing a plan of action that will be quickly implemented and result in the realization of their goal.

The Result: Our services where buyers and sellers feel totally confident recommending VEZ to family and friends.

Emil Zaporteza | (281) 286-0057 office | (281) 973-7325 fax | info@vezrealty.com | www.vezrealty.com

Level: Individual
Industry: Real Estate
Greater Houston Region Member since 11/2015

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